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Best Way To Fix a Facebook Virus

By Mike Clouder Jr, Channel Writer
Did someone hack your Facebook account? This activity can easily be detected if you see status updates that you did not post to your public Facebook wall. Status updates can be links to spam sites or virus downloading websites that infect anyone who clicks on them. Cleaning out your Facebook profile and computer is essential in getting rid of the virus, and protecting your computer from future invasions.

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1. Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares for the latest definitions and virus detection.

2. Run anti-virus software to check the entire "C" drive (main computer hard drive). Run anti-spyware software once the anti-virus program has completed its scan. Delete any viruses or malicious files detected by either program.

3. Login to your Facebook account and change your password to something difficult. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to form a hard-to-guess password.

4. Go through your Facebook friend list and remove any individuals that you do not know; they can be online strangers that added you as friend to gain access to your profile. Remove any friends that appear to spam or have fake Facebook accounts (sexy or inappropriate pictures, constant spam link in status updates, and questionable content are some signs to look for).

5. Remove any status updates on your Facebook profile that appear to be virus links. Click on "Profile" - "Wall" and hover over the questionable status update. Click on "Remove" button that shows up when hovering over the update. Confirm that the status should be deleted.

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