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Why you Need Antivirus

 By Mike Clouder Jr, Channel Writer
Anti-virus software is a vital component of modern PC life. Below we debunk some of the myths that people use as excuses for not having any anti-virus software installed.
Here's the deal - antivirus software monitors and scans for and (hopefully) eradicates any viruses that appear on your machine. Well, what if they never appear? Or if they do appear, what if they never get executed? Well, then it follows that your anti-virus software is kinda redundant. Perhaps even pointless. So there you go: if you can be 100% certain that you're able to prevent viruses from even reaching your machine or you're 100% certain that a virus would never get executed, then you're done. You don't need anti-virus software. Remember: you need to be 100% certain.

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I only use my PC for work Even if you only use your computer for writing documents and printing and never go online it is still easy to get a virus. Have you ever transferred work on a floppy disk from a friend or colleague? Ever installed some software from a CD off a magazine or from a friend? If you answer yes to either of these questions then you need antivirus software. Whilst many newer viruses do not have destructive payloads, but are designed to take over your computer so it can be controlled from the Internet, there are still thousands of viruses that will damage both your documents (that you spent hours writing) and windows. They can be transferred inside word documents, software or floppy disks and CDs, and have even been distributed (accidentally) on magazine cover disks.

When your friend or colleague asks to use your computer because hers is playing up, ever wonder why her computer is misbehaving. Perhaps its because of a virus, that is about to be transferred to your computer. If you don't want to loose all of your work, and have to re-install windows and all of your software, you need antivirus software installed.

I only read emails from friends and colleagues

Whilst you make believe that they would never knowingly send you a virus, what if they become infected with a virus themselves. Many viruses use email to distribute themselves, and once they have infected someones PC, will email themselves to everyone in their address book. Getting and email from someone you know with a normal subject is enough to fool almost anyone into opening it and becoming infected themselves.

Due to bugs in some email software, you may not even have to open the email to become infected. Sometimes just selecting the email to delete it, is enough to become infected, as your email software may read or preview the message for you whenever you select it. If you receive an email you were not expecting, and especially if it has an attachment, be careful.

I don't have internet access

Not having internet access neither prevents you from becoming infected with a virus, as we've outlined above, nor does it prevent you from updating your antivirus software

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